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I have had the pleasure of being on Tom’s boat on multiple occasions. He has shown me so much of Williston Lake and the Peace Regions waterways and tributaries. While on Tom’s boat we have seen Sheep, Goats, Grizzlies and Black Bears all while catching Rainbow and Lake Trout.. When my dad came to town last year Tom took us out fishing and my dad got the biggest fish he’s caught, my dad hasn’t stopped talking about it yet. Tom’s been fishing these waters since he was a kid and it shows. Each trip is never the same as the last and I always come back with a smile on my face, I would highly recommend an adventure with Tom to any one who is looking for a fun day on the water catching fish and having a laugh.




Tom Roberts will not let you down if you are looking for an adventure. Whether it be boating on Williston Lake, Dinosaur Lake or the Peace River, Tom knows all these areas like no other. Growing up in the Peace he is very knowledgeable about where to find the fish, see amazing views and view wildlife.  He’s taken my family and I on memorable day trips as well as myself on unforgettable overnight camping excursions.
I highly recommend contacting Tom for a trip you will not forget!!!


Captain Tom as I call him. He says let’s go fishing. Okay I say. Off we go to Dinosaur  Lake. He grabs a specific spoon and within minutes, fish on.
Williston lake. Captain Tom knows every nook and cranny on this man made lake. No lie, every time I’ve gone fishing I’ve never been disappointed.
Sight seeing?  Amazing views of the Rockies, grizzly bear, elk, moose and the odd wolf.
You want a personal guide to show you a hole in the wall. Captain Tom will not disappoint.


Tom did a wonderful job of taking us up Williston Lake for a day long fishing trip. He knows all the places to look and helped my wife bring in a really nice Lake Trout! Beautiful scenery and good company for the day. He knew what to watch for and when a little weather came in, had us in a sheltered bay before the weather hit. 30 minutes later, back to our adventure! No worries and a great adventure!

Ray and Traci

I have known Tom for several years now and it is never a dull moment. He is very knowledgeable with the rivers of the Peace valley and the waters of Williston and Dinosaur Lake. He is punctual, friendly and always more than excited to bring new people out on the boat to experience a mutual appreciation of fishing and site seeing. Whether you are a beginner or pro fisherman he will always offer a helping hand when needed.
Fishing and boating in the mountains is truly an experience you will never forget. The scenery is remarkable from the wide mountains to the vast valleys. Along side the wildlife we have stopped to see elk, grizzly bears, black bears, deer, bald eagles, stone sheep and much more. The fishing in itself was an amazing experience, I have reeled in some monster lake trout. If you are wanting a personal, friend or family trip up the lake full of fish, wildlife and enjoyable company with beautiful views for miles, this is the boat for you.
Happy fishing!

Been fishing with Tom for 20 years and have caught fish more times than not. His dedication to fishing gives him the advantage of knowing when, where, and what the fish are biting on. Born and raised in the Peace and fishing the area since a child, Tom has an incomparable knowledge of both the geography and history of the area as well the water. He has learned from many hours on the mighty Peace River and the gigantic Williston Lake to be prepared for any situation from storms and low water to making lunch on the beach. A friendly and fun guy, I would recommend him to anyone looking for a fantastic day on the water.


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